The goal of our camp is to grow football players along with the sport of football in Saskatchewan. We will now be able to surpass that goal. We will grow our football players and share them with the rest of the country and beyond. At this years camp we will introduce testing and 1 on 1 skills captured on Video. This year will be our test run into establishing this program:

1. All our Grade 11 aged players will test in the following: Bench Press, Forty time, and pro agility time.
2. Video all testing.
3. Video of 1 on 1 action.
4. All video will be edited and posted on the internet via a YouTube channel.

I truly believe the new Recruit Assist Program, in coordination with the fundamentals learned at the camp, will cultivate the opportunity for each participant to grow their game and optimize the ability to seek a career at the Post Secondary level.

All video and test results will be made available to all post secondary programs in North America to view (ie. CIS, CJFL, American College). 
Furthermore, I will be/have been in personal contact with all CIS schools and most western CJFL teams regarding the KBFC Recruit Assist Program.