Football Fundamentals Videos

This page contains instructional videos from the 2009, 2010, and 2011Kelly Bates Football Camp

Kick Off Cover/Tackling Drill with Craig Dickenson of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Jam & Snap Receiver Drill with Jason Clermont of the Saskatchewan Roughriders 


QB Pocket Presence Drill with Marcus Crandell of the Saskatchewan Roughriders


King of the Boards contact Drill with Shaun Gardiner of the Humboldt Mohawks

Zone Reaction Drill with Ed Carleton of the U of S Huskies 

A-Drill. Team Concept with Kelly Bates of the Saskatchewan Roughriders


Defensive Back Reaction Drill with Barron Miles of the BC Lions


Quarterback Footwork Drill with Jason Maas of the Edmonton Eskimos

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